The UC San Diego Student Foundation

Participating and promoting Triton Philanthropy!

With its inception in 1999 by two alumni, the UCSD Student Foundation is the driving force behind the promotion of Triton philanthropy. The Student Foundation promotes a culture of philanthropy by inspiring students to be thankful for the opportunities they have within UCSD and to give a little to those in need. By organizing, managing, developing and stewarding campaigns, trustees learn how to invest, fund raise and manage an endowment.

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How Student Foundation Works

The Student Foundation is made up of six committees. Our trustees attend weekly meetings, create and run campaigns, plan and run events, polish their communication and presentation skills, and immerse themselves in the rising culture of philanthropy at UC San Diego.

Development Committee

The Development Committee leads the organization’s philanthropic campaigns and works to educate UC San Diego students about philanthropy and the benefits of giving back to their community. Trustees in the Development Committee work on their communication skills, event planning skills, and marketing skills.

Investments Committee

The Investments Committee is responsible for the management of the Student Foundation’s endowment portfolio. 100% of the funds managed by the Investment Committee are given back out to UCSD students in the form of scholarships. This committee is made up of trustees as well as student analysts who apply via a separate application. To learn more about the Student Foundation Investment Committee, go here.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee is in charge of donor appreciation and retention. Committee members work to keep our donors engaged by planning events and different ways to say thank you to Student Foundation donors. Committee members learn the importance of managing existing donors and create innovative new ways to interact with donors.

Senior Class Gift Committee

The Senior Class Gift Committee runs the annual Senior Class Gift campaign that encourages graduating seniors to leave their legacy at UC San Diego by making a gift to the university in the amount of their graduating year ($20.__). This gift will fund scholarships given to incoming freshman and transfer students.

Scholarships Committee

The Scholarship Committee is in charge of creating the grading criteria for the scholarship applications, selecting scholarship recipients, and connecting the Student Foundation trustees to the recipients at our annual Scholarship Reception. Trustees in the Scholarship Committee get to take part in the final step to the Student Foundation’s mission.

Internal Committee

The Internal Committee is in charge of maintaining a balanced atmosphere and organized structure within the Student Foundation. The committee oversees Student Foundation recruitments, manages the family system within the organization, plans trustee bonding events, and applies for grants.

Meet the Trustees

Danielle Aron
Alice Lee
VP Development
Nathaniel Wilbanks
VP Stewardship
Anthony Tseng
VP Internal
Kyle Yu
VP of Investments
Colin Welch
VP of Allocations
Rebecca Kim
Scholarship Chair
Jackie Nguyen
Senior Class Gift Chair
Lexie Askins
Gillian Belk
Rohan Bhargava
Alexandria Brown
Zachary Carpenter
Leo Chen
Vinnie Chen
Crystal Craigmiles
Savanna Huynh
Eric Jacoby
Community Volunteer
Omar Khatib
Audrey Kim
Ashleen Lai
Marissa Lee
Bonnie Ly
Kaeley O'Shea
Danny Rios
Akira Shah
Kajal Soni
Ryan Szeto
Sara Tan
Kan Thongnoppakun
Barbara Vargas
Lara Wallace
Marie Wang
Jasmine Zou
John Hartman
Advisor, Student Foundation