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Impact of Giving


Kayla Monnette

Past President

The Student Foundation drastically changed my path here at UC San Diego. I am a first generation college student who really struggled in my first year. I didn't know the first thing about internships, networking, or how to prepare myself for the world beyond college. Joining Student Foundation was the best decision I made. I suddenly had a group of peers that pushed me to be a better person both internally and professionally. I got much needed exposure to networking and our alumni network. I built my very first LinkedIn profile during a workshop held by our Student Alumni Associates.

In the Student Foundation, we have the opportunity to really help our fellow students. We empower our student body, raising awareness and funds for resources that directly impact students. Every year, we give out over $30,000 in Student Scholarships. What students know us best by, however, are the small acts of philanthropy and kindness we spread across campus. Every quarter we pass out over 500 finals care packages to students right before finals week.

What I am most proud of during my time in Student Foundation is watching my peers grow under their mentors and transition from students to alumni, all through the spirit of philanthropy. Watching our alumni give back to our students has helped me decide to be a very active alumni and one day give back by becoming a mentor to students.